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Why Chiropractic?

For some people, chiropractic may be an obvious solution to many health endeavors.  However, for the majority, chiropractic is a foreign practice that can be difficult to understand.  For more information, on the chiropractic philosophy, please continue reading…

Out of all the services that Natural State Health Center offers, chiropractic is by far our biggest, most important, and most rewarding service.   When you read about our 5 Essentials of Health, Maximized Nerve Supply is a main essential to having a healthy body and living a healthy life.

Here is why:

Man touching spineOur spines are the support system for our body and surround and protect the most important part of us, our spinal chord.  The spinal chord is what controls our nervous system, which is responsible for all activity in the body. While your body may be able to go days without water, weeks without food, and even minutes without oxygen, it cannot keep going one second without the power created by your nervous system!

The way a spine is positioned affects the way the nervous systems works. This in turn affects the way the rest of our body functions from the feeling in our toes, to way our stomach digests all the way to the aches in our head!  That is why Dr. Traci Bishop and her associate doctors are able to treat not only neck and back pain but can also treat patients that suffer from a wide variety of symptoms including but not limited too digestive issues, headaches, fibromyalgia, numbness/tingling, hip pain, knee pain, allergies, and many more.

As modern medicine has advanced, chiropractors have the capability to make defined measurements of the spine, giving them the resources to make precise measurements of both the damage done to your spine and nervous system.

At Natural State Health Center, after doing a complete analysis of patient’s history, health, and spine, we are able to make accurate and recommendations for care.  Ready to schedule your appointment? Click here.


The Five Essentials of Health

NSHC is part of an international chiropractic program called Maximized Living.  This program operates under a chiropractic philosophy based upon what is called the 5 Essentials of Health. To learn more about the 5 Essentials, click here.


Services We Offer

Because Natural State Health Center is passionate about healthy lives and not just healthy spines, we offer many other services to each of our patients.


Welcome to Natural State Health Center!

We are so thrilled to have you here at the Natural State Health Center website. No matter who you are or what stage of life you are in, every single one of us is always on some sort of health journey. Our health is an integral part of our everyday lives and it is something we have to pay attention, too. That is why we are here and why we want to help you. Whether this is your first step or 100th on your journey to better health, our mission is to help you take whatever steps necessary for to live up to your 100% God-given potential. We would love to see you in our office so please, check out our site, and the services we offer. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us or e-mail us and we would love to talk with you.

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